Our Story

We met in 2006 while working as senior business leaders for one of the world’s most respected global brands. During our time there, the company embarked on a comprehensive organisational transformation programme in which we were selected for mission critical assignments.


Karen set the agenda with executive management, John identified and responded to key clients’ needs, Lynsey sourced funding and ensured delivery of the business requirements. Despite our different backgrounds, we held a shared vision of what needed to happen and how to go about it. A few years later we each left to pursue fresh personal and professional challenges.


John and Lynsey broadened their skill-sets by studying and building companies in the health sector. Karen continued her professional education and development, including launching her own busy coaching and change management practices.


Our careers once more were evolving in a similar direction and we wanted to seize the opportunity to work together again.


We are acutely aware that the pace of change shows no signs of slowing down. Indeed there is mounting evidence that it is taking its toll on executives’ health and must now be tackled head on.


We offer something unique : wisdom gleaned from a breadth of demanding roles in blue-chip businesses, combined with in-depth knowledge and a practicioners’ perspective of change management and well-being.


Our commercial acumen gives us credibility with busy executives and their high performing teams.


This year has been an exciting one. We have successfully piloted solutions addressing the issues executives are facing on a daily basis and plan to launch Symmetry partners in October.


Our mission is to help people feel happier and more fulfilled in all areas of their lives.